Swimming pool maintenance is an important aspect which should be given due importance. These maintenance activities involves recycling the water, pool desilting, maintaining the required chemical & PH Level, removing the sediments, leaflets & other particles from the surface of the water, removing & preventing the growth of algae, ensuring the water is free from foul odour, maintaining the desired water level in the swimming pool and making sure that swimming pool accessories are in proper condition & functional.
Regular maintenance of swimming pool is required to keep the pool clean, hygienic and safe. Swimming Pool Maintenance is an ongoing activity which has to be performed at regular intervals. This is an essential task of keeping the pool in good condition. The common swimming pool maintenance involves following activities:

1. Skimming the debris from the surface of the water has to be done regularly. Otherwise they will sink to the bottom of the pool causing bad odor and color of the water.

2. Pool water to be kept fresh by vacuuming it every week. This will keep the water clear and clean. During this process the walls and floor of the swimming pool should be brushed to check the growth of algae. The adding of chemical also to be done during water vacuum.

3. Pool filter should be cleaned very often. Sometimes debris and unwanted materials block it.

4. Desired water level has to be maintained in the swimming pool. Water gets evaporated and lost during swimming activities. The required chemical and PH level also to be maintained. Chlorination of the water has to be done regularly.

5. Thorough inspection of the pool is required to be performed to find out the leaks in the swimming pool if any. Even small holes or pores can cause loss of water.

6. The testing of swimming pool equipments and accessories has to be carried out frequently.

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